Khachack is your one-stop cool destination for photos and more. Click, add affects and share on your social feed or as a private direct message to your friends. You can even check out, like or comment on your Facebook, Twitter and Flickr pictures – all from a single timeline view.

And there's more. this App will allow you or your friends to become movie stars within your social group. All you have to do is simply select the poster, click, crop, add effects and share with your friends across various social networks. Over hundreds of movie posters to choose from, with new releases added every week.

Here's what all you can do with Khachack!

  1. Camera

    1. Simply click on the camera icon, take a picture
    2. Add effects
    3. And log in to share on social networks
  2. Timeline

    1. Follow photos posted by friends on various social networks after logging in.
    2. Comment on pictures
    3. Like pictures
  3. Posters

    1. Over a hundred of posters from Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam movies
    2. Add your face in place of actors/actresses on movie posters.
    3. Share publicly on social network as posts or send privately on Circles
    4. These images will also be available on the Khachack.com website
  4. Share to circles

    1. Create your own circle of friends from across FB, Twitter and Flickr.
    2. Share images privately with these friends.
    3. When shared on a circle, your friends on Facebook and Twitter will receive the message as a Direct Message, while those added with their emails will get the photo link on mail

Do note that Khachack works best on 3G or wifi networks.